Crystal Glow – Pink (Peaceful)

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Size : 52″ x 54″

Fabric : Liquid Crystal Organza

Flexible up to 50%

Pair of 2 pcs


A sheer peaceful Crystal Quill Flags that has a beautiful sparkling sheen in the light. A great flag for a beginner to start out with in worship flag ministry. Shimmer Organza is a very lightweight and sheer fabric. Shimmer Organza is the perfect worship flag for more slow, graceful worship arrangements due to its light, gentle flow when waved


Flag Storage and Care
1. Roll up your flag and use the provided tie when you are finished using them.

2. Place them in a dry area such as a bag to store.

3. Never place them in high heat areas (near vents, fireplaces, windows) or leave them in your car where high temperatures can warp your rods or the sun can bleach the fabric color.

4. If your flag becomes dirty, do not wash. Use a damp (not wet) cloth and lightly pat. Always test in an inconspicuous area first as some fabrics and colors do not do well when wet.

~ WBride ~

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