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Why is God’s Grace is Sufficient?

God is saying, in this verse, that he has enough grace to carry us through the storms of our lives. He is assuring us that He will not let go of us. That is what His grace is and it is more than enough to meet any challenge. Once we admit that we are weak, God is there, willing and more than able to carry us through the hard times.

It is important to know that God is telling this to Paul. At this time, God had given Paul a thorn in his flesh and Paul begged God to remove it 3 times. The verse of 2 Corinthians 12:9 was God’s answer to Paul.

The Bible does not tell us what Paul’s thorn was and I feel that is for good reason. I think it is because this answer doesn’t just suit this one “thorn” but all things that would cause us trouble. Whether it be financial hardship, sickness or problems on the job, God’s Grace is sufficient to carry us through. That is God’s perfect answer.

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