September 27, 2023 FATHER’S DAY 2021


You had the best of intentions, but between planning a mouthwatering menu for your backyard barbecue, making a heartwarming playlist, and writing a thoughtful card, you completely dropped the ball on picking out the perfect Father’s Day present. Sound familiar?

Yep, we’re never entirely ready for Father’s Day either (which, by the way, is June 20)—so we’ve got plenty of ideas for last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Whether your father is a natural outdoorsman (we highly recommend the YETI carryall), a DIY pro, a game night guru, a full-blown foodie (hello, truffle oil-infused hot sauces), a devoted bookworm, or super tech-saavy (don’t miss the courant charging tray), we’ve got unique gifts that’ll seem so thoughtful he’ll never know you procrastinated. And if, like us, you’ve got a dad who claims he wants nothing, we’ve even got thoughts for you: In our experience, you can’t go wrong with something practical, like a top-notch tool set, a leather wallet, or even stylish jeans, which he’ll both appreciate and actually use.

Best of all, though? Many of our finds come from retailers like Walmart and Amazon, so they’ll be sure to arrive before the big day. (Not to mention that you don’t have to dig out your craft supplies and stay up all night laboring over a homemade present, either.) Ahead, the best last-minute gifts for everyone you’re celebrating this Father’s Day—from your doting girl dad and boy dad to your stepdad, grandpa and your favorite new dad.

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