We are not just a shirt company. We are a movement that believes in sharing God’s Word and we share this in the simplest form possible, by the shirts you wear daily.

Explanation about our TEE DESIGN and meaning.

Wear His Word Shirt’s Project and Design.

We will choose the shorter Word and there will be a hidden meaning behind the FONT or Wording. (Implied content) ..or . 

1. You might be found a wrong spelling or broken English (on our design).. (this is not wrong word or sentence as we purposely design it)..  

2. And we don’t put full sentence from the bible verse we refer to.. (and we don’t changed the BIBLE VERSE as well) as a designer we won’t make you shirt looks like a text book 🙂 

The Bible Verse we refer on our design will be related/pointed to the design.. And the reason we do this..

#When we wearing the shirt… And suddenly someone  look at our shirt and… I believe there will be a question in his mind. What is that verse refer to ? Where to find the verse from? So here. Where our project going to achieve our vision… 

Share the Gospel? I believed that person will open His bible and start reading?… or asking you as a believer And I am sure he wanted to know more…

Interested to be part of the project? 

WA us for details 🙂 01116859378